Waterloo received a minuscule .87” of rain in the month of June, far below the monthly average of around 5” for the city.

There were only measurable amounts of rain in June on just five of the 30 days, as illustrated below:


The most rain fell on June 20th with .67” in Waterloo. Prior to this year, 67% of all June months since 1895 (84 years) featured at least one day where an inch of rain fell in Waterloo – NOT this year.

Below is a list of the Top 10 Driest June Months in Waterloo. June 2021 saw only .87" for the entire month, placing it at #5 all-time:


According to weather.gov, the average number of days in June where at least .01” of rain falls is 11. June 2021 had only four such occurrences.

This chart displays the number of hourly observations each month that reported measurable precipitation. (Excluding “Trace” amounts of rain). The average is 37 hours when a measurable amount of rain was measured in June in Waterloo. June 2021 only had 19 such hours.

Iowa Environmental Mesonet

The month of June was not only dry in the Waterloo area but state-wide. the chart below ranks the parts of the state in total precipitation ranks for June 2021. 1 is the wettest out of 129 years. (1893-2021)

Iowa Environmental Mesonet

The lack of precipitation hasn't helped the drought:

And the Precipitation outlook for July from the NWS Climate Prediction Center suggests that relief is NOT on the way for most of Iowa and the western US this month:



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