Over the weekend I took my kids to the Field of Dreams to see it one last time before construction begins, which will forever alter the look of the site. As excited I am to have our state of Iowa feature a MLB game next summer, I'm also a traditionalist and will miss the "original" site of the 1989 movie. Even though the new field was previously announced to be temporary, MLB now says it will "stay intact."

Construction of the field is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, 8/13, exactly one year from the MLB game between the White Sox and Yankees.

The field being built for the game will be just beyond center field 'corn fence.' The 8,000 fans who are lucky enough to get a ticket to the game, will take a path through the cornfield itself to reach the new stadium.

Some of the machinery was already at the site, ready to create another baseball field on the property.

....and then when we got home, the kids begged to watch the movie. #success

Construction Equipment F.O.D.
JP in OF #2 8.10.19


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