The iconic baseball field located in Dyersville, Iowa has been an attraction to thousands of Iowans and millions of baseball fans around the country. This baseball field, that's been placed in the middle of a cornfield, was built by Universal Pictures in 1988. It was the home for the 1989 Field of Dreams movie and when the movie was done filming, the field was left standing.

MLB at Field of Dreams - Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
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Iowans have always known about this ball field and have visited this site for years but over the past few years, I think we've started to see a lot more baseball fans from other states visit the location as well as people who are just driving through Iowa.

It's kind of crazy to think that the Field of Dreams wasn't used by Major League Baseball until 2021. What a missed opportunity by the MLB. There was a bit of an explosion in popularity after the MBL started hosting games in the middle of this Dyersville cornfield.

The Field of Dreams is a bit of a staple here in Iowa and the field needs your help. USA Today is putting on a contest of the 10 Best Attractions for Sports fans and the Field of Dreams site is currently in 3rd place.

MLB At Field Of Dreams: Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds
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There are a lot of disappointed Iowans and baseball fans that there will not be a game at the Field of Dreams this year. To make matters worse, it doesn't look like there will be a game there in 2024 either. This is a fantastic time for Iowans to band together and vote for the Field of Dreams as the Best Attraction for Sports fans in the United States.

This could help remind the MLB that games need to come back to Dyersville as soon as possible. I'd hate for a few years to pass by without a game, and before we know it, hosting a game here is just completely forgotten about and we never see one again.

This is one of, if not the, most unique baseball field in the world. It may be taking a backseat from the public eye for a little while, as an $80 million expansion project continues, but now is the perfect time to remind the MLB and the world, that this baseball field is about as special as it gets.

Casting your vote only takes about 5 seconds...depending on fast/slow your internet is. Let's see if we can move the Field of Dreams from the 3rd spot to number 1. You can vote HERE.

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