Iowa Irish Fest doesn't officially kick off until 2 PM on Friday, August 5th, but apparently, festival officials are already trying to squash an issue.

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Iowa Irish Fest is one of the largest celebrations of Irish culture in the country. The three-day festival from August 5th-7th is full of Irish beer, cultural events, and loads of live music!

Officials for the event are warning festival-goers not to be a jerk this weekend.



Iowa Irish Fest Director Chad Shipman wants to get a message out to the public. If people try to get in early to the festival to "reserve" seats, there will be consequences.

Shipman claims that people have been walking in and setting up chairs while volunteers are working to set up the huge event.


The event and the seats are first come, first serve! If a chair is set up in the park before the "soft opening" at 2:00 PM, they will be left at Will Call Gate 1 "in an orderly pile."

Festival officials are also suggesting that fans bring home their chairs every single night of the festival instead of leaving them at the sight overnight/unattended.

If you DO leave your chairs at the event; officials warn that if they are left on Sunday after the closure of the festival they will either be disposed of or donated by noon on Monday.

You can read the full statement that Shipman sent out regarding these courtesies down below!

"Fans and Friends, We are staring down another wonderful Irish Fest, BUT we need your help.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE understand you are NOT allowed to be in the fest grounds until after our soft opening at 2:00 Friday.  We have hundreds of volunteers working 12-14 hr days since Monday to put on the one of the best events in the Midwest.  We have people walking in and setting up chairs while we are working our tails off.  This is extremely disrespectful to all of us working, to our fans that bought passes early, we have many fans travel hours just to get here in time for fest opening and to also to try and get a spot in an area of the fest they would like.  First come, first serve after 2:00pm.

~Chad Shipman Iowa Irish Fest Director"

Check out the full schedule for Iowa Irish Fest here!

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