Parking can be a bit of a nightmare...

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There is a laundry list of things you cannot park on or in front of here in the Hawkeye State. You cannot park on a crosswalk, on a bridge (one that is located on a highway), and you can't park within an intersection.

I think we can all agree that we generally know and understand where we can and cannot park, right?

However, sometimes we might be in a bind or in some sort of emergency, so we have to park in places we normally would not.

I just wrapped up my own move into a new apartment, and trying to find a place to park that is close to where I live was not a simple task. Finding a parking spot somewhere close so I could easily lug boxes up and down was a challenge for sure.

Carl Zoch

When I was struggling to find a place to park, I absolutely started to eye-ball the curb.

So, I got a bit curious...

If someone were to park on a very convenient located curb FOR JUST A FEW MINUTES, would they get in trouble? It seems like it's relatively common sense for people to not park on a curb, but desperate times...


Nationally, it's pretty much frowned upon and against the law to park on a curb.

Iowa Code 321.358 puts together a list of rules concerning motor vehicles and the laws of the road.

The official Iowa parking code reads, that you cannot stop, stand or park...

"In front of a curb cut or ramp which is located on public or private property in a manner which blocks access to the curb cut or ramp."

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