What started the Canadian Wildfires?  

When you’re amid several days of rain. Dry conditions might not be tops on your thought bubble. Those dry conditions are on the minds of Canadians. They should be on our minds too. It’s wildfire season in Western Canada and this year's wildfires are on track to be more troublesome than in years past. CBS News reports that 2023 was the worst wildfire season on record with 6,551 fires taking nearly 46 million acres (about twice the area of Kentucky). Western Canadian authorities have warned of “Volatile wildfire activity” and that the situation is “Evolving rapidly”. Authorities report that 130 wildfires are currently burning with 14 of them considered out of control.  

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 Zombie fires are a thing! 

When you watch The Walking Dead or any other zombie offering. Most likely you’re suspending your disbelief for a short time and then returning to your regularly scheduled life. These zombies are real and take millions of acres by force.  

Have you heard of zombie fires? According to Google, zombie fires, also known as overwintering, are wildfires that burn slowly below the surface during winter. Organic material, that’s highly flammable, sits under heavy brush or snow and smolders.  

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 2024, could be the year... it gets worse 

2024 is on tap to be an even worse season for Canadian wildfires than 2023. With the zombie fires adding to the already taxed landscape, it’s proving to be an active year and the air quality here is taking a whack. Though it's affecting the air quality here in Iowa it’s not on a high level like in some areas that require evacuation. You can always check with our weather partner KCRG. They have current air quality conditions. Stay well!  

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