When you see a cow lose, what’s your first thought? Maybe you try to call someone, or even just try to catch it.

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Growing up with livestock in a neighborhood where my neighbors have little experience with cows, they at least knew who to call when they saw a loose cow or goat. No one ever tried to do what this animal sanctuary did.

Via New York State Police
Via New York State Police

Over in New York, two 4-H cows got loose and a farm sanctuary found them. A viral post on Facebook stated that even when the sanctuary found out who the cows belonged to, they didn’t just give the cows back. They removed their ear tags and billed the owners.

And this bill wasn’t cheap.

For both animals, the sanctuary billed the 4-H kids over $2,000 for the animal’s stay in the sanctuary.

The sanctuary’s President Tracy Murphy was arrested on Tuesday for grand larceny of cows. Police tried to retrieve the cows on July 25th which Murphy refused to do. Murphy was later arrested and the cows were returned to the owners.

It’s unfortunate when cases like this go viral over the internet because it causes people to overlook the kindness of others right here in our backyard.

For example, just over a week ago at the Bremer County Fair, a cow got loose from the show barn and the police officers on the grounds worked together to catch the animal and return it to the barn.

Bremer County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Bremer County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

While the cow wasn’t found where she was originally left, the department did acknowledge that with a Facebook post, apologizing in advance.

It's safe to say that if you want to compare the two situations, I will take the outcome of the loose cow in Iowa any day.

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