Iowa, Iowa State, and UNI sports fans don't agree on much. Lord knows there's a bitter rivalry between the two larger schools, and Northern Iowa is often deemed the 'little brother' of the three.

But Cyclone, Panther, and Hawkeye fans have to agree on one thing. This article put out by Wide Right and Natty Lite, an SBNation affiliate that covers Iowa State, is pretty damn funny.

The blog post -- which is very obviously labeled as satire -- says that Kirk Ferentz believes that the Hawkeye's starting punter, Tory Taylor, is Iowa's best option at quarterback going into Saturday. And honestly, based on what we saw from Spencer Petras against South Dakota State last week, they might be right.

The article had several fake quotes from Kirk and Brian Ferentz included. This one that is supposedly from Kirk nails it:

In reality, football is about winning. And to win, you’ve got to make winning plays. When we think about who, right now, is making the most of those for our team, it’s clearly Taylor.

Taylor was dubbed the MVP of Iowa's 7-3 victory over South Dakota State last Saturday, in which the Hawks didn't score a single touchdown. In the victory, the Australian punter averaged 47.9 yards on a career-high 10 punts, with seven punts inside the 20. Six of those punts were downed inside the 12-yard line and three were booted for 50 yards or longer. He also earned the Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week honors.

Meanwhile, Petras went a measly 11-25 for 109 yards and an interception. His quarterback rating was just 1.1. I didn't even know that was possible.

To truly illustrate just how bad Petras was, take a look at some of the tweets I found by quickly searching his name on the website:

The blog added a few more faux quotes from Brian, who has received his fair share of criticism as the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach at Iowa. Here's one of the best quotes:

When you run three plays before punting, you bring in a lot more variables. You could get a first down, you could complete a pass, you might even break off a big run. All those things put pressure on me as a coordinator and on our offensive unit as a whole. Our entire philosophy is based on the idea of the defense scoring, so the longer our offense has the ball, the harder it is for our team to score.

So, here's to the Hawkeyes skipping over backups Alex Padilla and Joey Labas to play the quarterback position and going straight to their punter. Who knows? Maybe their kicker, sophomore Aaron Blom, could be next! He did miss a 40-yard kick against the Jackrabbits. Maybe going under center is his true calling.

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