I think we can all agree that shopping for Dad really isn't that hard. Honestly, you can probably put a piece of buttered toast in front of them and they would jump for joy because you made them food.. that's just the way dad's are. But, if you want to go above and beyond the normal gift, this is for you.

The LEX chair is the ultimate Dad gift. It's a wearable chair! Yeah, it straps to your legs and bottom and automatically folds out when you sit down! I think I want one... or this just proves how lazy some of us are. Now, if you are worried about wearing it around all day, well the company claims you can still do normal things like running ( who runs?) and walking. As for the fashion statement... yeah, you will definitely be making a statement.

If you think this is the ultimate "Dad" gift, you may not after you hear how much it is... $400. Yeah, I think I will pass. But, if this still sounds like a good deal, the company will start shipping them in December and you can order one on their website.

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