America is known for their bar and bar snacks that everyone loves, even if they aren't good for you. So does each state have an official bar snack? Well, not exactly.

However, Thrillist has put together a list of all 50 states unofficial bar snack and some of them are pretty interesting! How did they come up with these? Well, some of the snacks are completely unique to their home state and even invented there, while others you can find in more than one state as their are just favorites.

So, is the Iowa unofficial bar snack common or unique to Iowa? Well, its pretty unique as it has to do with something Iowa is known for...corn. That's right. the Iowa unofficial bar snack is... Corn Nuggets!

Wait, what?

I don't even know what corn nuggets are but according to the article they are fritters packed with corn kernels and the batter may be flour, cornmeal, or a combination of those. Apparently, they pop up all around the state but I have yet to see them. Honestly, I can't back a bar snack that includes vegetables, sorry Iowa... but good for you trying to be healthy while drinking!

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