I still find it weird how the phrase "Google it" has become such a part of our culture. If you want to know pretty much anything, your first words out of your mouth are "ok Google how do I ____?". It especially comes in handy when you need help spelling words and some states apparently struggle with spelling words more than others.

Not exactly sure what is going on in our fine state of Iowa. We search for the word "choir" the most. I guess were excited to go back to church and get that choir going again. A couple of special "shout-outs". First, to our neighbors to the south in Kansas. The word they had the most trouble spelling was..."cook". What? The word that people in Virginia look up the spelling for the most is...Virginia. You'd think they would have that one down by now. Good ole' Mississippi searched the most for the word "bidet". Before you say "ok Google what is a bidet?" I'll save you the search. It's a "low oval basin used for washing one's well, shall we say, lower 'areas'. Finally, Vermont searched the most for the word "tong"...which is a "Chinese association or secret society in the U.S.", frequently associated with underworld criminal activity. You might want to steer clear of Vermont on your family vacation this year.

Google via Twitter
Google via Twitter
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