There's a part of me that is wondering if this is some kind of prank or a practical joke...who steals a corn cob cutout? Especially from one of Iowa's favorite celebrities, Hailey Whitters! Just a heads up, I'm doing a lot of guesswork and assumption in this story just for fun, as I try and play detective, and piece this story together. The most important part is there's a happy ending.


@haileywhitters small town saga of the stolen corn cob.... 🌽✨ #dontmesswithme #corn #corncob #fypシ ♬ One Way Or Another - Blondie

This might be one of the coolest things I've ever seen a celebrity do. Not only does Hailey and her posse take back her stolen property, but she also filmed it and posted it on TikTok with the hashtag #DontMessWithMe




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When you see someone rocking outfits like this, I'd leave anything of hers alone that has to do with corn. You should just leave everyone's property alone but that's for a different article.

I wish I knew what the master plan was for whoever took the cutout. Were they going to post it online? Use it as a decoration? Put it in their yard? Lay next to it while watching Netflix? Most likely they just wanted to brag they stole something from a Hailey Whitters show. According to Whiskey Riff, this happened at a hometown show over the weekend.

As far as I can tell, it was pretty easy for Hailey to get the cutout back. Small towns are well known for everyone knowing everyone and secrets are hard to keep. I'm guessing whoever took it wasn't very quiet about it and that was all it took.

According to Whiskey Riff Hailey posted on her Instagram how bummed she was it was gone and thankfully it didn't take long for her and her friends to track it down. I'm also just assuming here, but I think whoever took it might've known they messed with the wrong girl. Word probably got back to the thief that Hailey was on the way to get it and she probably wanted to avoid any confrontation.

In the video, you can see the cutout laying on the front steps almost as if it was placed there on purpose. If you were actually going to keep the cutout, the front steps are literally the worst place to hide it.

Since moving to Iowa 2 months ago, I've been loosely keeping track of how many "Iowa Nice" things I read about or personally encounter. Iowa nice vastly outnumbers anything negative by a long shot. For the very first time, I have to give Iowa nice -1.

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