What an honor!

Growing up, my favorite game in the world was 'The Sims.' I spent endless hours creating the perfect life, perfect house, and perfect husband. One of the most fun aspects of the game is that Sims don't speak English. They speak their own language, called Simlish. That means that all the music in the game is also in Simlish.

Iowa-native Hailey Whitters shared some pretty exciting news on TikTok this week. Her current hit single "Everything She Ain't" has been featured in a video game! Not just any video game, though. That's right: it's been translated to Simlish for 'The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack.' Players of the game can hear Hailey's beautiful voice singing her own song, but it sounds like absolute nonsense. You can hear a snippet in the TikTok below:

At first I though Hailey's post was a joke, but it's not! She confirmed in the comments that it IS in fact real. The caption reads:

"I started writing songs in my bedroom in Iowa and now my song is in a video game"

Hailey's song isn't the only one featured in the new Sims expansion pack. According to an article from NME, songs from Elle King, Orville Peck, Old Dominion, Breland, and more are also in the game. It's not clear whether the artists had to record the new versions of the songs themselves or if technology was used to do it, but an interview with artist Eli Smart (who was featured in another expansion pack) alludes to the fact that he had to record the version himself. The article reads:

"I was thinking in the Simlish language for a little while after recording it, very surreal thing."

Congratulations to Hailey on all her success! We can't wait to hear her new EP when it drops this Friday.

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