Gift shopping is probably one of the most stressful things during the holidays. I mean the prices, the wrapping and honestly just coming up with the right gift for someone is the hardest part.

WalletHub is here to help. They have put together a list of the most wanted gifts of the holiday season and honestly I have to agree with them. Check out the list below.

1. Giftcards (Yes! These are all I ever want!)

2. Electronics

3. Clothes

4. Books/eBooks

5.Furniture/Appliances (You have really reached adulthood if this is what you are asking for)

6. Jewelry

7. Toys

Hopefully this helps you out this holiday season with that difficult person in your life you have to shop for (don't lie, everyone has one of those people). Good luck and may the force be with you during the holiday shopping season. Let's hope you make it out on the other side in the new year with some money left over.


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