There's another scam out there to take advantage of people during the holiday season, SHOCKER.

People suck.

According to KCRG, Sergeant Jennifer Roberts with the Cedar Rapids Police Department says scammers "have started calling specific homes, acting as a delivery company, and asking about their neighbor’s living habits. Most recently, Sergeant Roberts said an individual was contacted and asked about a neighbor who lived four doors away."

She elaborates:

You’re giving information to somebody that you don’t know about your neighbor's activity -- when they work, when their house will be vacant, when no one will be there. (This is so) that burglars (will) look for that opportunity when people aren't home.

Roberts continued, saying that these scammers have had to change their tactics, as people are starting to catch on.

We have seen a lot of different angles they’re trying to get the same information.

The CRPD Sergeant also said she understands why people would give out that information -- they're solely trying to help their neighbors receive packages during Christmas time. However, she says we need to be cautious and observant of what's going on in our neighborhoods, especially during the holidays.

She included the following in an interview with KCRG:

We want to help our neighbors -- it's kind of what we've been conditioned to do, to be helpful. But, giving out that information, while we may not even think about it, you're alerting a burglar to when they're not home. So just be wary of giving out any information regarding your daily activity as well as your neighbors'.

Brian Tabick of KCRG added that Sergeant Roberts had said another Cedar Rapids resident had fallen victim to a 'too good to be true' scam. In this circumstance, an individual "brought $1,500 in gift cards in order to attempt to secure $30,000."

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