Experts say you are supposed to drink at least glasses of water a day. If you are like me, you probably thought that was just supposed to keep you healthy and hydrated and you really don't NEED 8 glasses but rather just drink some water every day. However, there may be a direct correlation to how happy you are versus how much water you drink.

According to the New York Post, a new study conducted by OnePoll for O.Vine suggests that water could be the secret to happiness. In this study, they polled 2,000 Americans asking them how much water they consumed on a daily basis and how happy they were. The results found that Americans were 3 times more likely to be happier if they felt they drank enough water.

The actual results show that 67% of people who defined themselves as drinking "more than enough" water were considered "very happy" whereas only 21% of those who said they "didn't drink enough water" were actually "very happy." Breaking it down even more, those who said they drank more than 10 glasses of water a day were "very happy" and in all the trends the study saw was that as the amount of glasses of water consumed go up the happier people are.

So maybe the true secret to lifelong happiness is increased water consumption? Seems easy enough, where is my gallon of water at?

Find out more about this study here.

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