Thanksgiving is literally around the corner which means it's time for everyone's favorite things at the holidays....FOOD! Sorry family, but we all know we really show up at the holidays for the holiday dishes. However, have you ever been caught as a "guilty" eater?

This is a term I like to use when you go to an event, especially a holiday, and the host makes all this food for everyone to eat and nobody touches one specific dish which goes to waste. So, you eat that dish just to make the host feel like the time and effort she put into all the cooking did not go to waste. Sound like something you have done? Well, I can say I have done it with MANY dishes, especially Thanksgiving food.

Let's just be honest with ourselves. Some of the holiday favorites really aren't our favorites and we secretly hate them. So here is a list from do you agree with these or do you actually really love these Thanksgiving "favorites?" By the way, if you don't like these foods, it's okay to skip them this holiday season.

1. Soup

2. Crudite (what even is this?)

3. Cranberry Sauce ( Did someone say ewww?)

4. Dinner Rolls (Okay, they may be wrong about this one)

5. Creamed Onion

6. Green Bean Casserole (Not everything should be in casserole form)

7. Turkey (Yeah, I have to agree with this one)

8. Turducken

9. Store Bought Gravy (This is basically sacrilege in terms of holiday cooking)

10.  Plain vegetables

11. Salads

12. Jello-Molds

13. Sweet Potato Pie

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