Members of the Electoral College cast their votes yesterday and confirmed what most people already knew. That Joe Biden was indeed the President-elect of the United States. KCRG reports that Biden earned 306 electoral votes while President Trump earned 232, including 6 from the state of Iowa. 270 votes are needed to win the presidency.

In the wake of the hotly contested election, many Republican members of Congress have refused to recognize Biden as the President-elect. Some said that they would wait until Monday when the Electoral College cast their votes. So KCRG reached out to the federal lawmakers who represent eastern Iowa to see if they recognize Biden as the President-elect following Monday's vote.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst referred to a comment she made during an interview with the Wall Street Journal when she stated that "the process is what it is, and the Constitution will be followed.

Senator Chuck Grassley said in a statement, "The Electoral College met and voted according to our constitutional process."

Newly elected Congresswoman-elect Ashley Hinson stated, "Given the status of the campaign’s legal challenges, and with presidential electors officially casting over 270 votes for Vice President Biden, it is clear he is going to be sworn in as our next President. While Joe Biden and I disagree on many issues, I know we can find common ground and work together to better the lives of Iowans and all Americans."

Congresswoman-elect Marianette Miller-Meeks said that she referred to Biden as the President-elect during an interview back on December 4.

Congress will meet in a joint session on January 6 to certify the vote of the Electoral College.

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