Before you freak out and think the dead are coming back to life, let me give you the facts.

There is an Iowa man named Benjamin Schreiber who was convicted of murder and given a life sentence in 1992. Well back in March of  2015, Mr. Schreiber was taken from the Iowa State Penitentiary to a hospital where he went into cardiac arrest and had his heart restarted 5 times. Apparently Schreiber developed septic poisoning due to large kidney stones, according to USA Today.

Jump forward to April of 2018 when Schreiber filed for post-conviction relief meaning that he thinks that since he temporarily died at the hospital that day he has fulfilled his life sentence and should be freed immediately claiming that has over paid on his prison time in the past 4 years.

Both the district court and the Iowa Court of Appeals denied his request noting that his sentence is not over until a medical examiner has reported him dead.

What do you think about this? Is this really a technicality that could be upheld and if so how many other inmates would this free? Should we be playing "God" deciding who is really dead and what that means for their prison sentence? Or is this all just rubbish?

Check out the full story on USA Today with the link below.

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