I'll say it on behalf of everyone who has ever read, heard about, or seen a hit-and-run. People who do this are cowards.

Yes, the circumstance at hand is scary. Yes, the consequences of what you've done can be overwhelming, and chances are it wasn't as if you did it on purpose -- it is called an accident after all.

That doesn't matter. Whether you run into a parked or driving vehicle, a pedestrian, etc., you stop, do everything you can to help if someone is hurt, and take responsibility for what you've done.

This should apply to the nth degree if you're a police officer.

Michael McGee must have thought otherwise. The 52-year-old officer in Cherokee, Iowa was off duty on Friday afternoon when his vehicle struck a 6-year-old in a crosswalk. It was at the "intersection of North Roosevelt and Indian Street, which is near a local baseball park and the area middle school," according to KCRG.

The Iowa State Patrol's crash report indicates that he "left the scene after striking the girl." He was charged after he and his pickup were identified.

According to the QC Times, "The girl, who is from Cherokee, was taken to Cherokee Regional Medical Center and then transported to another hospital. An Iowa State Patrol spokeswoman said she did not know where the girl was transferred, but the girl's injuries are not life-threatening and she is in stable condition."

The Times adds that "A State Patrol investigation is ongoing," and KCCI reports that "Cherokee police say McGee is no longer employed by the department."

The Cherokee Police Department posted the following status on their Facebook page as well, saying that all questions should be directed to the Iowa State Patrol:

Those who can comment on the post are limited.

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