Unless I am mistaken, I don't believe there are any nudist colonies in Iowa or Illinois. So, it's probably safe to assume this naked guy was on some form of drug when he showed up on a woman's porch early Monday morning in Davenport.

Other than that, I'd have zero possible explanations. Maybe you will after hearing the story from Skylar Boisen, the woman who had it happen to her.

This is what she told KWQC:

At seven o’clock my mom woke up and checked her phone. We have a camera system, she gets the notifications to her phone. At about six o’clock it recorded some guy walking into my front porch butt naked trying to get into my house. It’s normally peaceful down here but I guess not always.

Boisen continued, saying the man walked in through the porch front door that was unlocked. He looked around, tried to enter the home, and found the entry locked. Boisen was inside and asleep during the commotion.

This was her reaction to what she saw on the video:

He didn’t try very hard or long though, and then once he realized he wasn’t getting in he just turned around and left. ... His intentions didn’t seem too good. They say he’s all around town, naked all the time. I don’t know how he got down here. ... There are pants down there [on the ground] and I don’t know if those are his. I don’t know how nobody saw him leaving. I don’t know if he put on his clothes before he left or...I have no idea,

Boisen added that she has dogs, but isn't sure as to how much they could have done had the intruder entered her home.

Davenport police are investigating the incident.

You can watch the video of the nude intruder here.

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