Half way through the year, so far 2020 has been a year to forget. The global pandemic is no joking matter. However, this year has us wondering, what else could happen?

Locally, we had a ridiculous amount of rain in June, and some flooding, along with heat and humidity, you know, the usual summer routine here in Iowa. Nationally, we've had a little bit of everything thrown at us. Weird stuff, like a wildly popular Netflix true-crime documentary series called “Tiger King." Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin are now household names. More weird stuff, like the Pentagon releasing videos of possible UFOs. Think about it, the government basically acknowledged there are UFO's. Then in May, giant insects called “murder hornets” were spotted in Washington state. If you get stung multiple times, you could die. So, that leaves me wondering...what's next?

A Zombie apocalypse? I wouldn't be surprised! As fans of the "Walking Dead" wait in limbo for the season 10 finale (postponed due to COVID-19), they're left frustrated and only able to prepare for an actual Zombie apocalypse, not saying it's gonna happen, but hey, it is 2020. CableTV.com's "Doomsday, USA: The Best and Worst States for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse", ranked Iowa as the #4 best state to live in to survive a zombie attack.

Here's some reasons why from the article:

    • Low population densities and bountiful farmlands, the Midwest is the best prepped in the event of a (zombie) apocalypse. You wanna be where the farms are and the people aren’t (more people in denser areas means more infections). Besides, we have corn fields, lots of corn fields we could hide in, it seems like that would slow the zombies down even more.
    • North Dakota is the best state for surviving a zombie apocalypse, and in second place? South Dakota. The Dakotas are the place to be in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.
    • Big, open, and undeveloped land is your best bet, which is why places like Montana and Idaho also land high on the list.
    • While you might think you could find more resources and possibly gather with a good group of people, chances are if you’re in a densely populated area, you’re that much more likely to get infected or injured among the chaos. That means anyone in the East might have to go way out west before they can catch a breath.
Zombie states

See, so for more reason that one, just be happy that you're living in Iowa. Here, safe in "zone 1" and not in "zone 5" basically anywhere in the northeast, especially New Jersey. The way 2020 has been going, I highly suggest you be prepared for anything, especially a zombie attack. Luckily, due to quarantining this spring, you should already be stocked up on water and food. If you're not proficient at the crossbow, have a chainsaw handy, or a baseball bat will work, and make sure to aim for their heads. Or, you could just run.

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