A family in central Iowa is making headlines for making a giant snowman in their front yard.

Karen Batchelor Peters from Ankeny, Iowa posted photos on her Facebook page showing a massive snowman her family built. As you can see from the post, the beast measured 15 feet tall. That was tall enough to catch the attention of KCCI who shared a picture of the monstrous creation.

If you're wondering just how they made a snowman this big, it appears that they used ladders to reach as the snowman got taller. The family, and even some friends, took part in helping construct the giant. You can see some pictures and video of different points throughout the building process in the post below.

There's a contest going on now where people are guessing how long it will take for the snowman to be complelety melted. The person who is the closest without going past the date will get a prize. Fun! How long do you think it will last?

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time that Iowans have been recognized for a massive snow creation. In February of 2019, two more Iowans decided to have some fun and make some giant works of snow art. Daniel Maletta of Waterloo made this snowman, similar to Peters' family.

And Lost Island Waterpark shared a masterpiece from Andrew Lovell, who made a snow dragon!

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