COVID is certainly not a competition. Nor a race. If it were either of those, we'd all be competing on the same team to find a way to end the pandemic ASAP. Sadly, we've seen records broken in Iowa. Most hospitalizations from COVID, most deaths since it began etc. But most of us have sort of stayed in the Iowa bubble. So, how do our losses from COVID-19 compare to other states?

According to Radio Iowa News, we're right in the middle. Well, almost. Iowa Iowa deaths per capita from COVID rank 24th in U.S. However, a similar report from KCCI in Des Moines has our death rate among the HIGHEST in the U.S. according to the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

No deaths should be happening, and obviously we all want both for this to be over, but also to be able to live our lives with as much normality as possible. The Radio Iowa report goes on to say that COVID-19 is now the third leading cause of death in the country just behind both heart disease and cancer.

As of the morning of October 24, our area counties reported total cases are:

  • Black Hawk: 5,448
  • Benton: 558
  • Bremer: 655
  • Buchanan: 434
  • Butler: 360
  • Chickasaw: 342
  • Fayette: 362
  • Grundy: 292
  • Tama: 930

(Our source for these number is Iowa's official COVID-19 website)

For the Midwest, Iowa has the most deaths per capita - behind only Illinois. Illinois ranks 10th overall in this grim statistic. Here's hoping we turn the corner soon, and start reporting fewer and fewer cases, hospitalizations and most important, deaths.

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