Baseball is back! Well, I'm a Twins fan so, I hear it's back, my team hasn't grasped that yet. Still, it's nice to see fans in the stands while watching or listening to America's past time. That's not new news, though. The MLB season began in April.

What's back and really was missed in minor league baseball. After 604 days, they're playing ball again. From 'A' level clubs like the Cedar Rapids Kernels to 'AAA 'teams, like the Iowa Cubs in Des Moines, things seem far more normal in 2021. For a lot of employees, players, and front office personnel for these clubs, this could be more important. But for the Iowa Cubs, it's just business as usual since their staff didn't miss a paycheck.

"They needed the money more than I did."

Last year into early 2021, the Iowa Cubs did something pretty special. They paid their whole staff during the shutdown. According to a report from the Des Moines Register, Michael Gartner, who is the majority owner of the Iowa Cubs, kept every employee on the payroll during the pandemic. Gartner says during the shutdown his team lost a total of $4 million in revenue, but that his employees 'needed the money more than I did'.

Michael Gartner - Iowa Cubs via Facebook
Michael Gartner - Iowa Cubs via Facebook

The Iowa Cubs had no issues with staffing to start the season

Because so many minor league clubs had to lay off their work staff when the 2021 season came around and it was time to play ball, many teams had to scramble to get enough employees for opening day. The Iowa Cubs were fully staffed and ready to roll at the beginning of the season.

This is another great case of #IowaNice

The Iowa Cubs play at Principal Park in Des Moines. You can get more information on the team here.

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