Unless you're Bruce Wayne, I think it's safe to say most people aren't the biggest fans of bats.

In fact, one evening while I was out walking with my girlfriend and her dog, we saw a few bats flying overhead as the sun was about to set. I simply mentioned it and my lady immediately got squeamish. I wouldn't say I'm at that level of disgust with what some have deemed the 'rats of the sky,' but I wouldn't say I'd exactly like to see one (or multiple) of them up close, either.

One Iowa community hasn't had a say in the number of bat run-ins they've had as of late.

According to SiouxlandProud.com, "Sioux City Animal Control has been experiencing 8-14 bat calls each night," recently. While the number of calls isn't exactly outlandish, the news site says the amount of bats residents are seeing is "alarming."

Chris Wall, vice president at Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue Center, says the tiny creatures can find just about any way possible to enter a home. This is what he told the site:

A lot of them get in through eaves, or if there’s a piece missing in your attic. A few of them fly through open windows and open doors and they’re not really noticed at times. Then all of a sudden, you’re lying in bed one day and this bat is flying around your bedroom.

Should you find one of these creatures of the night in your home, it's recommended that you immediately remove any pets from the area and proceed to call Animal Control immediately.

Pest Pointers also list these six things to do if a bat enters your home:

1. Evacuate The Room The Bat Is In

2. Turn Off Lights And Ceiling Fans To Help The Bat

3. Close The Bat Into One Room

4. Open Windows And Remove Screens To Give Bats A Way Out

5. Resist The Urge To Smack The Bat Out Of The Air

6. Call A Professional To Help The Bat Escape

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