Just about three weeks ago, we shared an article regarding an 'alarming' amount of bats entering homes in western Iowa -- the Sioux City area specifically.

According to SiouxlandProud.com, "Sioux City Animal Control has been experiencing 8-14 bat calls each night," regarding bat home entries. Chris Wall, vice president at Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue Center, said this to the site:

A lot of them get in through eaves, or if there’s a piece missing in your attic. A few of them fly through open windows and open doors and they’re not really noticed at times. Then all of a sudden, you’re lying in bed one day and this bat is flying around your bedroom.

As reported by KCRG, it looks as though those bat encounters are making their way to the eastern part of the state now, too. The news station's site says that "Iowa City Animal Services have tested 14 bats for rabies after they invaded people’s homes." Luckily, none of them have come back positive for the disease.


This is what Iowa DNR Wildlife Diversity Biologist, Stephanie Shepherd, told the news station about the increase in home entries:

They’ve just finished up their breeding season during the summer, so all the babies can fly at this point. Now they are transitioning over to migrating south for the winter or finding a place to hibernate for the winter.

They say attics or garages that maintain a temperature of around 50 degrees in the winter are a perfect spot for hibernation.

Both the DNR and Iowa City Animal Service are doing their best to make sure people know what to do if a bat enters their home, given the recent uptick. This is what Iowa City Animal Service Coordinator, Chris Whitmore said to KCRG:

We’ll be glad to come and pick it up. Unfortunately, we are going to have to euthanize them and have them tested if you’re not sure if it bit you are not. Usually, when most people are asleep they can’t tell, they’re small little bats.

The article also advises avoiding physical contact with the bat if you can.

Pest Pointers lists these six things to do if a bat enters your home:

1. Evacuate The Room The Bat Is In

2. Turn Off Lights And Ceiling Fans To Help The Bat

3. Close The Bat Into One Room

4. Open Windows And Remove Screens To Give Bats A Way Out

5. Resist The Urge To Smack The Bat Out Of The Air

6. Call A Professional To Help The Bat Escape

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