One of the things you'll unquestionably see if you come to the Iowa State Fair is a politician. A state official, or hopeful, but also a national hopeful. And why would you not?

Since 1972 (for Democrats, 1976 for Republicans), Iowa has held the first in the nation's caucuses.

But after a very turbulent 2020 experience in which Pete Buttigieg was narrowly declared the winner, KWWL reports the Democrats may have had enough.

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In their report, NBC Meet the Press Moderator Chuck Todd explains,

If Biden runs for re-election, and the Republicans keep Iowa first, which it looks like they will, by 2028, everything could be forgiven, and we could all be back here again. But, if Biden doesn't run again, I do think they're (Democrats) gonna look for another state to go first.

This isn't the first time Democrats have moved to remove Iowa as the first in the nation for caucusing, we had a story detailing their efforts earlier this year.

So with this in mind, if the tradition ends, where would Iowa fall in the caucus lineup? Well, history dictates that it would still have a place.

Joe Biden Holds Drive-In Campaign Event In Iowa
Joe Bidden in Iowa during the 2020 caucasus via Getty Images

Iowa has held caucuses for president since the 1800s. Iowa briefly flirted with switching to the primary system, where voters cast a vote rather than break off into groups. But this only lasted one year, and that was 1916.

Is having the first in the nation caucuses such a big deal? If it goes away, will Iowa really be impacted? Well for one, there will be less of a media spotlight on the state early in each candidate's run for president. Less national media and you could argue fewer dollars spent in the state as a result.

Other than that, I think only political junkies will be disappointed

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