Having the police called to a local eating and drinking establishment a few times is a lot to me. Maybe I'm naive after growing up in small-town Iowa, but I'd venture to guess that after most people hear about one 911 call at their favorite restaurant or bar, they stop going there for a little while.

I mean, if you were to hear that ten calls were made in a short period of time, that's enough to decide you'll never go to that bar again. That's reasonable in my estimation.

Extra Innings bar on the south side of Des Moines would scoff at the measly ten times. That's nothing.

According to KCCI, "Des Moines police say they've been called to the bar, located at 1500 SE 1st St., 57 times in the last six months."

Fifty. Seven. Times.

And after yet another 911 call late last Saturday night following shots being fired in the area, the business has closed for good.

This is what Des Moines Police Department (DMPD) Sergeant Paul Parizek had to say to KCCI about the bar and the frequency of calls DMPD has received:

Looking at the number of those calls and identifying the number that involve shots fired, shootings, fights, or disputes, it's definitely got our attention. It's a place that seems to be sucking a lot of resources for the wrong reasons.

He added that 13 of the 57 calls involved shootings, shots fired, or fights.

When the shots fired call came Saturday, DMPD arrived and "found more than 25 live rounds and casings in the parking lot and the patio bar." Authorities believe that at least four separate guns were discharged. There was no report of any injuries following the shooting.

The lone web site providing any information on the bar -- an Extra Innings Facebook page -- has since been shut down.

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