It's an easy game to play, and you'll probably get it right on the first try, but why is it someone getting arrested in a D.A.R.E. shirt always has the same charges?

A 35-year-old Texan by the name of Michelle Ochoa was the passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over.

When questioned by the officers, Ochoa "openly stated" that she "had warrants" in a neighboring county, according to a police report.

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A run of her name through the computer system bounced back information confirming that indeed, Ochoa had an outstanding warrant. She was wanted for failure to appear in court on a narcotics possession charge. A search of Ochoa's bag turned up some Xanax - which she, of course, did not have a prescription for.

Elsewhere in the vehicle, officers found cocaine, a scale, as well as “several unused plastic baggies consistent with that of packaging narcotics prior to distribution.”

Mehdi Alani

Another passenger in the vehicle reportedly told police Ochoa “had narcotics concealed on her person,” but a search of her found "No contraband," according to the report.

Ochoa - seen above in her D.A.R.E. Keeping Kids Off Drugs t-shirt, was immediately booked into the Jim Wells County jail on a narcotics possession charge.

Jim Wells County Jail
Jim Wells County Jail

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