I'm not a huge drinker, but I've been known to partake in the adult beverages when the occasion calls for it. Lately, I've grown very fond of the Moscow Mule. But was it Iowa's favorite cocktail? Nope!

Thrillist looked at Google search results from the past 12 months to find the most popular cocktails in each state. Take a look at the map below:


The Long Island Iced Tea and Whiskey Sour are the most popular cocktails overall, and it just happened to be Iowa's most-searched mixed drink.

I did not expect to see Long Island Iced Tea top this list. I had no clue these were still so popular, especially in Iowa. I thought Bloody Marys or Moscow Mules would be #1, since I see them on the bar menu at pretty much every place I go.

Interestingly, Long Island Iced Tea wasn't the top choice for New York...nor was the Manhattan. And a Sex on the Beach was the most popular in both South AND North Dakota, which are about as far away from a beach as anywhere in the U.S. Click HERE for the complete list.

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