While voting and paying attention to what's going on in this country is very important, your mental health is as well. No matter who you're voting for odds are you are a bit nervous, and unsure of the what the results will look like. This will lead to many looking at the updates constantly.


Keeping updated is a good thing, but checking the news every 10 seconds, or refreshing a page on your phone, and lap top to see the slightest change every few seconds can lead to a very stressful night. That's why it's important to take small breaks.

Ways To Avoid Checking Results Every 10 Seconds

Again it is so important to partake in events like the 2020 election, but after your vote it's out of your hands. Torturing yourself by staring at a map on a screen for 8 hours will only cause more election anxiety.

Whatever you end up doing make sure you stay safe out there.

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