'Home Alone' was released nationwide on November 16, 1990, and held the #1 spot at the box office for three consecutive months and even remained in the Top 10 in JUNE of 1991.

When watching the movie, Kevin being left at home 'accidentally' could be blamed on a power outage, causing his family to over-sleep and forget him as they scurried off to the airport.

But was this all a plan by his father, Peter McCallister OR his brother, Frank?? A couple decades after the movie's release, an eagle-eyed viewer noticed that Peter McCallister throws away Kevin's plane ticket while scooping up a load of napkins he used to clean up milk.

The camera actually stays on the trash can for an extra second for audience members to notice, but it's hard to notice:

It's no secret that Uncle Frank is not a fan of Kevin.

While eating pizza, Kevin got into a fight with his brother, Buzz, causing a giant mess in the kitchen, which led to Frank to call Kevin a "little jerk."

Was Frank the one who cut the power, which led to everyone sleeping in? We don’t see what anyone is doing through the night and we also don’t see any rain or lightning, just some wind. Re-watch the scene: We never see the other end of the branch. We only see it breaking off. It's a stretch, but it could have been Frank.

One theory suggests that he planned for Kevin to be left behind.  Frank invited the neighbor over the van to keep the head count correct while he kept the rest of the family busy. Later, after it was realized that Kevin was forgotten at home, Frank attempted to Kate, by saying that he forgot his reading glasses.

When the McCallister's were at the airport, Frank's wife says that they had 'called everyone to check on Kevin." But Frank was still on the phone -- perhaps with Harry and Marv?


Even his father doesn't seem that overly enthusiastic to greet Kevin when he arrives home, simply stating, "You're alright." After a few moments he then asks, "What else did you do while we were away?" Knowing full well that he just single-handedly took care of two 'hired' burglars and foiled the plan that was hatched by Peter and Frank? Maybe. Probably not, but definitely conceivable.

Oh, and apparently Elvis shows up at the airport, too:


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