Megan and Hairball are up to their childlike shenanigans once again. This time, they are dedicating their acts to Thanksgiving.


"A Tale Of Thanksgiving" is what they called their video masterpiece. (Please do not fact check ANY of the "histroy" that Hairball speeks.)


To replicate the "history" of the first Thanksgiving the two youngins decided to rent a moving truck to play the role of the Mayflower. Megan drove the "boat" while Hairball set up his Thanksgiving meal in the back.

As we all know, the ship did not have smooth sailing on it's journey to America, and neither did Hairball in the back.


As Megan (very carefully) slammed on the breaks and sped through the speed bumps, Hairball was flung into the walls, thrown into the table and slammed into the floor.

This video is a must-watch!

All of this craziness just to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! From the Dwyer & Michaels Morning Show.

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