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[Watch] Iowa Couple’s Hilarious Wedding Switch Goes Viral
I recently found a Waterloo couple who work as event videographers together. Tyler and Madelyn Vande Lune are a filmmaking team that creates lovely wedding videos. In October of last year, this team captured another Iowa couples' special day. Sydney and Brady tied the knot in Nora Springs.
Iowa Man Brings Cow to Waterloo Chick- Fil- A
The number of cow puns that I'll drop will be udder-ly ridiculous... I swear that will be the last one that I use. We can't be milking this too much, can we? we're officially done with that. A local celebrity paid the city of Waterloo a visit over the weekend.
WEIRD INTERNET FIND: Jurassic Park Meets Pee Wee Herman
Welcome to my worst nightmare... One of my favorite directors is Steven might not have heard of him. He's created some of the best films of the 20th and 21st centuries, E.T., Jaws, and the Jurassic Park trilogy. I don't know about you, but I think these are some of the most perfect movies to ever grace the big screen...