If you grew up in Iowa, or anywhere that gets snow for that matter, you probably know the thrill of racing down a snow-covered hill, holding on for dear life, while you scream your lungs out, hoping you make it to the bottom in one piece. It's a childhood "rite of passage" that's just too much fun to miss out on.

We haven't had a lot of snow so far this winter, but there is more in the forecast and I'm sure there will be plenty more over the next couple of months. So there's no better time to bust out the snow tubes, saucers and plastic sleds. Maybe even go "old school" on a wooden sled with rails or an old-fashioned toboggan. As a Dad, I remember having a great time with my two daughters when they were younger. Of course, their Mom would make sure they were warm, and bundled them up in a winter coat, snow pants, boots, a scarf, a hat and gloves. Some of which would get shed, because after several trips up and down the hill, they would complain of getting "too hot". After sledding, I think their favorite part was going home to warm up with some hot chocolate. (KEEP SCROLLING DOWN FOR THE PHOTOS AND LIST OF LOCAL HILLS)

Finding a "hill" in mostly flat Iowa can be a challenge, so you have to go with what you got. Which means finding a dike or a park that has something that resembles a hill. Most of the "hills" around the Cedar Valley would be considered "bunny hills" compared to this awesome hill I found in article of one of our sister station's in Utica, New York. (see photo) The "Peek n Peak" resort has 14 sledding lanes with thousands of LED lights, as they pulse, fade and change to music. How sweet is that? We want one here in Iowa!

Photo credit - Peek n Peak Resort
Photo credit - Peek n Peak Resort

We can only dream, in the meantime, here's a list of "Where To Go Sledding In The Cedar Valley". This list is just getting started, so by all means, if you know of a good sledding hill in your neighborhood or town let us know on this station's Facebook page or message us on our station app.

Here's Where To Go Sledding In The Cedar Valley

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