Long Dick Creek is a stream located about 1.5 miles from Story City. Its total length is just under 16 miles before it joins up with the South Skunk River where it flows through Nutty Woods and Crooked Bend.

The mouth of Long Dick Creek opens up in Story County and begins in Hamilton County.

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Plan on fishing in Long Dick Creek? It’s home to plenty of Chubs, as well as Bluegill, Bullheads, and even Walleye.

So what's with the name? “Long Dick” was the unfortunate nickname of a tall guy named Richard who explored the land near the creek when it was still wild prairie.  “Bear Creek” -- located just east of Long Dick Creek -- was named because an early settler shot a black bear nearby.

There is an arched bridge (photo below) that was erected over Long Dick Creek in the early 1900s, however, it is in poor shape, according to bridgereports.com. The total length of the Long Dick Bridge is around 40 feet. It has daily traffic of only around 80 vehicles, but it is possibly eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. In its latest inspection (2017) Long Dick Bridge “meets minimum tolerable limits to be left in place as is.”

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Other notable Dicks in the United States include: Big Dick Creek is a stream in Shoshone County, IdahoDick Creek is located in Alaska where gold has been found. There is also Dick Falls in Erwin, Tennessee.

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