Dick's Halfway Inn is located just north of Rochester, Minnesota, in the small town of Millville, right along the Zumbro River and walking distance from WHISKEY DICK'S EATERY AND SALOON! 

It's a newly remodeled, 5 bedroom, 3 bath vacation home that you can rent. It features a view of the Millville Bluff Valley and a fire pit is located in the rear.

Is it expensive to spend a night at Dick's? Depends on the season. There's a minimum two-night stay at Dick's with the cost of $225/night in the offseason. Millville Valley River Days are happening the second weekend in August! It would be a great time to stay at Dick's -- unless it's fully loaded.

You can take a virtual tour of Dick's Halfway Inn, HERE.

It's only walking distance from Whiskey Dick's Eatery and Saloon! Indulge yourself with Dick's Favorite Poutine for just $11.99 --- Delicious seasoned fries topped with Ellsworth cheese curds, green onions, bacon crumbles, and beef gravy.

So, if you're looking to get out --- head INN to Dick's Halfway Inn!

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