The popular Hansen’s Dairy farm near Hudson had a "moo-ving" experience recently that will go down in the record books!

Hansen’s Dairy farm made history last Friday. One of the Holstein cows, aptly named "Legend", gave birth to triplet heifers on May 17th. There a several other things surrounding this birth that make this so amazing!

Photo Courtesy - Ellen Kaminsky
Photo Courtesy - Ellen Kaminsky

First of all, the "babies" are all alive, and survived the birthing process. A cow’s gestational period is 40 weeks, just like humans. In the last 20 years, Hansen's have only had two other cows pregnant with triplets, and neither set was carried for longer than five months before miscarriage.

Secondly, they're all heifers. Experts say the odds of a cow having surviving triplets are about 1 in 400,000 births. Add in the fact that they are all girls — which is what dairy farmers want, since only females give milk — and the odds go up greatly.

Here's another thing that made the birth special. Herd manager Blake Hansen knew that "Legend" was going to have twins. Blake was surprised when "Legend" was finished delivering two big heifer calves, but still looked pretty round. Then he realized there was a third one on the way. And here's something most "city folk" don't get to see, much less participate in..."Legend" happened to deliver right at the time when a tour group was visiting the farm, so two of the tourists got a true “hands-on” experience and helped deliver the first two calves.

Plus, all the calves came out facing the proper direction, which is even more amazing. "Legend" carried for 39 weeks — just one week shy of full term! And Mama is doing well.

If you're wondering about the father, the sire of these triplets, is also unique. His name is "Glory-Road M Apple Crisp-ET", and he is the first bull that Blake Hansen has bred that was sent to stud, or a semen company. Having a bull that is desired by semen companies, so that other dairy farmers may purchase his semen is a rare accomplishment, especially from a small farm like Hansen's.

So now, these babies need names right? Sticking with the "L" theme...the triplets names are very creative..."Livalot", "Lafalot" and "Luvalot"!

A tour of Hansen's Dairy Farm is fun for everybody, kids and adults...and now would be a great time to take a tour of the farm, maybe you'll even see the famous triplets! For more information about touring the farm click here

Special thanks to Jordan Hansen from Hansen's Dairy and to Ellen Kaminsky for the great photos!

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