For most NCAA Division I football players, one of their top goals is to make it to the NFL. While that's always been in Antione Frazier's mind, there was another dream he knew he wanted to give a shot.

That second dream appears to have a real chance at becoming a reality -- sooner rather than later.

Frazier wants a chance to wrestling in World Wrestling Entertainment, otherwise known as the WWE. As you can see by the social media links below, he's getting his opportunity and more.


This is what he told me about his thought process of trying out during an interview in April,

During the pandemic, I was like 'I'll go sign up for the WWE today,' because there was so much uncertainty. I thought 'If I tried out, I know I'd make it.'

He got that tryout he wanted after a strenuous process of filling out paperwork and getting medical work done.

This is what he told me of his several-day tryout for WrestleMania:

When it got time to get in the ring and run around, that was probably the most intense thing I've done besides playing football. Even when you play football, you have pads on and you really don't feel the hits. ... When you're in that ring and they tell you to fall on your back as hard as you can and then get up and attack the ropes, that's not normal things that you put your body through. ... When you get in that ring and start running around, falling on your back, and hitting those ropes -- there's not a person alive that doesn't come out feeling different. It's like ten minutes of car accidents all at once. ... I felt like I had just played a whole football game.

This is what he said transpired with Triple H -- a WWE legend -- after his tryout:

He told me that he liked what he saw with me and that he was impressed with what he saw in the ring and cutting promos. Hearing this from a guy I grew up idolizing -- it was like 'Wow, they really see this potential in me.' ... These are guys I never imagined seeing myself in the room with in this type of environment telling me that they want me to work with them and for them. ... He offered me and said 'We're going to stay in contact with you and make an offer toward you. I want you to be ready for this opportunity.'

At the time of our interview, Frazier was unsure of what his future held, between playing football and being a part of the WWE. He had recently finished up participating in UNI's Pro Day where football players from the school show their talent to NFL Scouts from across the league.

Now he is officially a part of the 2022 class of recruits and has signed a contract with the organization.

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