If you believe the next global crisis will be a zombie apocalypse, I have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is you're in good shape if you live in Iowa. The bad news is we may have lots of new neighbors if this is correct.

Don't blame me for this one. This study comes courtesy of CableTV. It asks the question "which states will survive the zombie apocalypse" and Iowa is near the top of the list.

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Here's an overview of their map. You'll notice that Iowa is in the white area. That's a good thing if you have allergies to zombies.

Cable TV
Cable TV

When you see studies like this, the first question to ask is what their methodology is. Here's what CableTV says is their criteria:

We compared each state’s population density, the gross receipts of farm per capita, and the percentage of electricity fueled by solar energy to find the best and worst states for surviving when society collapses.

Fair enough. They also favor states with wide open spaces. If they're offering bonus points for corn, it's no wonder why we're #4 among the best places to avoid the walking dead.

I suppose we should take it as good news that we're in such good shape if zombies are the next crisis. However, if you like your elbow space, the bad news is this could inspire lots of new transplants to seek shelter among us.

The bad news is most of us in Iowa know that the scariest zombies are likely to wander over here from Nebraska.

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