If you are in love and love donuts, well then this weekend may be the time to tie the knot with your love of your significant other and donuts! In honor of Valentine's Day, Dunkin' Donuts is working with a wedding chapel in Las Vegas to throw a bunch of donut-themed weddings this weekend.

Here is how it works, the first 100 couples who show up and get married at the wedding chapel after 11 A.M. on Saturday (Feb. 9th) will get a free wedding that includes a Dunkin' Donuts bouquet. Not only that, but the entire chapel will be decorated with Dunkin' Donut themed decorations and the officiant will have their hair dyed pink to match the logo.

Sounds like a dream wedding right? I mean you can't go wrong with donuts and if your in love then its the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Now, I have to find someone to marry quickly just for the donuts, I better get on that!

If you are actually considering a quick trip to Vegas for this, check out the details here.

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