Phones these days are pricey. Some are well over $1,000. Yet, we still bust 'em. Often doing stuff we know is dumb! A recent survey from DigitalHub just over 10% of us are currently walking around using a phone with a cracked screen. Nearly 1,000 people were asked how they cracked their phone and according to the survey, here are the ten main ways you're most likely to crack yours

1.  General use. Meaning you have it a while, and drop it enough times that it eventually breaks.

2.  Dropping it after you've been out drinking.

3.  Dropping it in the toilet, and it cracks when it hits the porcelain. (CRAP!)

4.  Sitting down and forgetting it's in your back pocket.

5.  Your child dropping it or throwing it on the floor.

6.  Dropping it while trying to text one-handed.

7.  Tossing it on your bed or sofa, then it bounces off and hits the floor.

8.  Dropping it while you're exercising.

9.  Throwing it out of anger (WHAT?! People get that mad?)

10.  Tossing it to someone, and they don't catch it

Dropping it while taking a selfie just missed the top ten in 11th place.