Danish children can now watch the antics of a character named John Dillermand. His day consists of everyday occurrences like walking the dog or going to the zoo. Oh, he also has the world’s longest penis – and it gets him into a lot of trouble, which is the premise of the show -- John Dillermand tries to overcome the hardships and challenges of his record-breaking genitals.

FYI: Dillermand is slang for penis in Danish. 

For instance, in the show’s intro, his man parts get caught on a bus as it drives down the road, it also gets snagged in some helium-filled balloons and lifts him into the sky.

But it's also a helpful, um, 'unit' --- it rescues an oven from the river. He also utilizes it as a propeller to fly over a family having a barbecue and douses out flames on a burning picnic table. It can help him bounce over tall trees through a forest and even whips a lion who is terrorizing young children.

…and all of that is just in the 26-second intro.  (seen below)

The show, which is aimed at four-to eight-year-olds, has received praise as well as a lot of criticism on its Facebook page.

Regardless, it seems to be quite popular. Upon its debut last weekend almost 90,000 people watched the first episode.

The show is being broadcast on the kids’ channel Ramasjang. The first of its 13 episodes can be viewed HERE.


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