Okay I know, 2020 was a bummer. Spring kinda sucked. We had some events in the summer. Then fall last year was... yeah. Not good. But with news this week that by May, there will be enough vaccines in the U.S. for all Americans who want one, I think it's time to start getting EXCITED about what's to come in the next 200 days in the Cedar Valley. Now, I will preface this by saying, things could change. Of course with the cloud of the pandemic still at least partly cloudy, anything is possible. But I think it's time to start thinking positive so, here we go!

  • Friday Loo. 72 days (until the first Friday Loo). As always, at Lincoln Park and as always, a great time! Live music, food and plenty to drink. Because this event is outdoors, even if in 72 days a majority of Iowans aren't vaccinated, it's possible the event could still happen since it's easier to social distance outdoors in a large park. Also, the newly remolded Lincoln Park is pretty sweet!
  • Waterloo Bucks: 88 days until first pitch! The Bucks open on May 31st. That will be a road game, with the team hitting Riverfront Park for the first time a few days later on June 3rd.
  • My Waterloo Days 2021: 96 days 'til it kicks off! The parade is set for the evening of Friday, June 11. The event will run through that weekend with live music, food and drink, a color run and much more.
  • Sturgis Falls: 113 days until this years event in Cedar Falls kicks off. It runs through June 27th. This years theme is Visions of Summer. Who isn't having those right now?
  • RAGBRAI: 143 days away. While not a Cedar Valley event per say, the 2021 edition of the ride across the state will roll through Waterloo on July 28th. That will be, in a word, a party.
  • Irish Fest: 156 days until the crazy summer party that is Irish Fest! Live music, vendors and, um, BEER. I'm ready now.
  • National Cattle Congress Fair: 195 days away. The event this year will kick off on September 15th and run through that weekend. A sort of last hurrah for summer, it's also another great chance to soak in more excitement before fall begins later that month.

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