Florida Atlantic catcher Caleb Pendleton made history on Saturday. The 20-year-old freshman hit two grand slams in his first two plate appearances — in the same inning --- in his first start. He is the first player in collegiate history to do so.

With the bases loaded in the second inning, Pendleton smashed a pitch over the left field wall for a grand slam. 15 minutes later in the same inning – with the bases loaded again – he blasted the first pitch he saw over the fence to give himself 8 RBIs in the inning.

Pendleton flew out twice and struck out in his final three at-bats. FAU went on to win the game over #24 UCF 20-15. (Box Score HERE)

Caleb Pendleton is the #13-ranked catcher in the nation.

Hitting two grand slams in the same inning has only happened ONCE in the Big Leagues. Fernando Tatis did it for the St. Louis Cardinals on April 23, 1999. But Tatis already had over 1,000 career at bats at the Major League-level before his record-setting feat. Caleb Pendleton did it in his FIRST TWO COLLEGIATE AT BATS!

Hitting two HOMERUNS in the same inning in Major League Baseball is also quite rare. It has only happened 63 times.

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