A longtime Oelwein business will be closing its doors for good, after the owner decided he did not want to deal with a government agency that cited him for numerous Iowa Code violations.

Schuchmann's Pharmacy in downtown Oelwein, has been serving area customers for over 100 years.

The business had been under pressure to make several corrections, after inspections from the Iowa Board of Pharmacy. Schuchmann's was recently cited with nine violations. They included: having expired drugs; food in a refrigerator that also contained medicine; the store being cluttered, disorderly and dirty; and some infractions involving Schedule-2 Drugs.

Pharmacist Kurt Schuchmann was put on 60-day notice to make the needed corrections, or face a suspension of his pharmacist license.

The pharmacy was working to rectify the problems, but Schuchmann has decided to close the doors permanently, instead of dealing with increased government rules and regulations.

Residents' pharmacy records will be transferred to the nearby Oelwein Family Pharmacy, unless customers prefer another location.

Schuchmann's is expected to close for good on or about Sept. 29, 2018.

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