Although the holiday season is a time for families, love and cheer not all of us get to spend the holidays with our families. Unfortunately for those bravely fighting to keep us safe all around the world they can't just some time off and come home for the holidays. However, just because they can't come home doesn't mean that we can't provide them with a little bit of home for the holiday season.

That is exactly what "Trees for Troops" does. "Trees for Troops" is an organization formed in 2005 that deliver thousands of free Christmas trees to American military bases all over the world every year. What is amazing is that this entire charity is only run by 9 people but they have hundreds of volunteers helping every year.

Over the past 15 years they have delivered over a quarter-million trees and this year they will be delivering 16,000 trees to bases across the country and overseas. A thing as simple as a Christmas tree can make someone's holiday and a great way to say thank you. Want to help out and donate a tree or your time to make a military Christmas a little better this year? Check it out more information about them and donate your time by going to their website.

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