Say goodbye to the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids...well, say goodbye to the name.

The venue stated in a press release Friday that the "City of Cedar Rapids and Alliant Energy reached a naming rights agreement for the the city-owned downtown hotel, convention center and arena complex." What was the U.S. Cellular Center is now the Alliant Energy PowerHouse. That has a nice ring to it.

The change was effective as of July 1 2020. Under this new 12-year agreement between the City and Alliant Energy, updates will be made to both the interior and exterior. Visitors can expect to see updated signs and a "refreshed look on the website and social media channels." Check out some artist renderings of what we can expect.

Alliant Energy PowerHouse via press release
Nikki Scheel

The release states that the agreement has a starting value of $300,000 per year with the "option for Alliant Energy to renew for an additional five years, and that the company’s investment is being fully funded by corporate shareowner dollars."

Supporting Cedar Rapids and all communities we serve throughout the state is vitally important to us. The Alliant Energy PowerHouse will support growth and economic development while providing long-lasting memories for our customers. Whether it’s through concerts, sporting events or weddings, we’ll be proud to be a small part of the memories our customers experience at events at the Alliant Energy PowerHouse.”-Terry Kouba, Alliant Energy’s Senior Vice President of Utility Operations and President

This isn't the first time that the venue has changed names. You may recall when the venue opened its doors in 1979 it was originally The Five Seasons Center. From there it became the U.S. Cellular Center and now we'll know it as the Alliant Energy PowerHouse.

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