What a great time to win a bunch of cash! Christmas and New Years... not a cheap time of the year at all. Especially in 2020. Well, a Cedar Falls man has done just that. Marcus Dengler took home the top prize in the Iowa Lottery's ‘Holiday Wishes’ scratch game. That's a grand prize of $25,000.

Marcus won the tickets sixth top prize. Holiday Wishes is a $20 scratch game that has a total of 13 top prizes. And overall odds of 1 in 2.64. That means there's still over half of the 13 $25,000 tickets still floating around the state of Iowa.

According to the Iowa Lottery, Marcus snagged his ticket at Casey’s. The one at 3260 University Ave. in Waterloo. He claimed his prize Monday at lottery headquarters in Clive. So Marcus, champagne on you this Christmas? Cheers!

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